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LI 2019 March Newsletter Excerpt


Dear Light Institute Soul Friends,

As you move into each new level of cosmic awareness, you open so that you receive more and more.
A new level of Consciousness! Genetic Quickenings 2: Cosmic Citizenry
The minute the mind expands, it will come across cosmic energy, and that is when you encounter all those experiential perceptions of heightened awareness that offer the genius level of potential, the capacity to commune with all there is.
Chris Griscom's new set of Genetic Quickenings 2: Cosmic Citizenry Sessions are only being offered in our 2019 LI Intensives. The magnitude of this spiritual work is a new level of "cosmic awareness" that Chris is helping to activate--to lift all of us into the realms of "all there is."
March 2019 Hubble UGC

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