Dear Soul Friends,

Now, for the first time in our history, we have the ability to access levels of consciousness, dimensions in which we can precipitate the unmanifest into these vehicles, into this reality, and create on a level we have never ever done before.

Accessing these octaves is very important, and bridging them is even more important.

At The Light Institute, the two spin points we work with that move us into other dimensions, other octaves, are "the child within" and "contacting the Higher Self."  We use them to palpate, to register with our consciousness that which is untouchable, unseeable, unperceptible from our normal human perspective.

As each Soul spins around its intentionality, it creates matter and comes into form.  The child that is born is an open bridge to the unconscious, to the unmanifest, expanded multidimentional Soul.

As we touch the child inside ourselves, we begin to access that bridge.

Our consciousness moves into other frequencies and other octaves until about the age of seven.  Then the presence of our peers, the presence of our daily life, become formulated in our consciousness to a certain degree, and we then funnel into our third-dimensionality.  Up until that time, we have more freedom.  It is like watching the baby who stares into space, moving its consciousness easily in and out, to this world or to another world.

When we merge with the inner-child as an entity of wisdom who understands why we're here, who understands what we need for balance, it is a very emotional experience--allowing us to draw our attention from our ego or outer consciousness, to an inner place of contacting those natural octaves of joy and wonderment. 

A child is naturally a being of wonderment, a being that experiences lightness, who does not hold pain.  The child's frequency is too high to hold those darker, heavier emotions, even when the external world begins to impinge upon the child with adult imprints that the child records as anxiety, fear, anger. 

The natural state is to let go, to constantly let go, because the child lives in the brain patterning of the hologram. 

The child does not have that left-brain imprint in glue.  Even if in one moment fear or anxiety is experienced, the next moment the child will move into a place of wonderment.

The child within can give us that gift, return to us that memory, that experience of wonderment, which always lifts the octave of the Emotional Body. 

When we experience wonderment, we forget fear, and thus can embrace our divine selves.  When we experience our divine selves, we let go of judgment.  It takes place energetically.  We can palpate it, experience it, recognize it.  We begin weaving the hologram of our multidimensional selves.

Great Love,
Chris Griscom

People's own wisdom will heal them; people's own innate knowledge will bring them into balance.

Excerpt from Chris Griscom's book, Ecstasy is a New Frequency: Teachings of
The Light Institute 

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