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We must seek the new energies, the higher frequencies, because one ecstatic being creates a ripple which sources unimaginable new realities--creating their potential in tandem with the Universe.
When the hum of ecstasy interpenetrates life-force energy, there is a spontaneous convergence of Light from which springs the highest octave of divine play within manifest dimensions.
Ecstasy soars upward, fueled by its own momentum, by its very being, transcending until it becomes an energy without a source. It becomes the source itself. This is the source which creates the worlds, creates the coalescence into thought, light, and form. 
--Chris Griscom

 Chris Griscom has designed a series of 2022 Super-Intensives to activate the 'life-force energies' of 'the highest octave of divine play.'     Potential Body: Helix of Enlightened Health  & The Art of Self-Design       

The evolutionary process begins as you put your energy into the Universal flow of LI Intensives--it is important to register as soon as possible.  For additional information and to register for an Intensive, contact The Light Institute at (505) 466-1975 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

All LI Intensives are directed by Chris Griscom, and include the new, private 4 day Super-Intensive Multi-Incarnational Sessions (only offered in an Intensive format)--the theme of the next Intensive, May 20-23, is Potential Body: Helix of Enlightened Health.  Also included: A Cranial with a LI Facilitator (a LI Cranial is an activation of the master glands that influences the expansion of Consciousness), Chats with Chris Griscom twice each day, and morning Meditations with Chris throughout the event.  During the Chats with Chris, she is assessing the energy of the group and setting the frequencies for the Incarnational Sessions.  Each Intensive is unique to the location.  In Greece, Chris gives the morning meditations on a beach close to the exqusite Intensive hotel that overlooks the sea, & delicious meals are shared on an outside patio as the pristine waters of Greece surround you. The Intensive settings are specifically chosen by Chris Griscom to help activate, amplify & accelerate the frequencial shift and evolutionary leap taking place during the events. Please contact us for more information about our powerful LI Intensives: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

***Chris Griscom designs LI Intensives to enfold into your personal themes & your daily life.  All LI Intensives address Personal, Global, and Cosmic Evolution--& are created by Chris to address our Planetary timeline.   --Chris will be announcing  each of the new Super-Intensives for 2022 throughout the year..

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GALISTEO, NM--POTENTIAL BODY: HELIX OF ENLIGHTENED HEALTH   New Date TBA.     Chris Griscom will be adding a new Potential Body Intensive later this year at our home in the powerful, beautiful high-frequency, high-desert of Galisteo, New Mexico, a completely unique portal on Planet Earth!    Chris is opening the floodgates of genetic encoding that carries the most dazzling frequencies, the greatest grace, and the pure joy of moving through life with unending Universal energy--creating bodies capable of holding the highest octaves of Human potential--energies necessary to weild illuminated, globlal purpose.   --New Multi-Incarnational work , based on Chris' upcoming book of the same name.  
Though my essential work has explored the outer reaches of Human consciousness in a cosmic framework of future reality, I find it essential to circle back around once again to the physical body that is actually the 'key' to the miracles and magic of life. When we can trust our bodies and use them as vehicles of higher potential, then we can truly begin to do the same in the many dimensions of reality, which are now opening to us.' --Quote by Chris Griscom

Chris  Griscom moves beyond the speed of Light  & is taking everyone with her this year!

GALISTEO, NM--THE ART OF SELF DESIGN    JULY 22-25.  Accessing streaming genetic encoding to choose what you wish to extend to the World--designing the Self as a point of Mastery.  Elegant incarnational Sessions, designed by Chris Griscom, to create leap upon leap of conscious Human design & expansion--altering absolutely everything.  --Due to the unique power of this Intensive, Chris has added The Art of Self-Design once again to the LI 2022 schedule.

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NAXOS, GREECE 2022: POTENTIAL BODY: HELIX OF ENLIGHTENED HEALTH   Yes!  Chris Griscom is taking Potential Body to this place of Light on the Planet!  September 15-20 

Chris returns to Naxos & the beautifully secluded hotel there each year for all of her powerful Intensives.  Thank you, Naxos, for  your high-energy that so profoundly supports this very important work.    

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 KISSLEGG, GERMANY 2022:  DATES: September 8-12  THEME !  POTENTIAL BODY: HELIX OF ENLIGHTENED HEALTH   Kisslegg is one of the special places on the Planet that Chris Griscom has chosen for her 2022 Super-Intensives. 

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Private Intensives: Chris Griscom & The Light Institute are now offering the Universal Destiny Incarnational Sessions in Private Intensives.  These Intensives are by special request only, organized by individuals for their family & friends, and directed by Chris Griscom.  Chris & the LI Facilitators will travel world-wide.  The Private Intensives include a 4-day set of the Universal Destiny Multi-Incarnational Sessions; Chats with Chris Griscom; and a LI Cranial.  

For more information about our 2022 LI Intensives & Private LI Intensives, and to register, please contact The Light Institute at (505) 466-1975 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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