LI Galisteo Intensive

GALISTEOFEBRUARY 2-5  Activating the Next Octave of Experience

li intensives galisteoThis Intensive will be held in the pristine energy of our home in Galisteo, New Mexico, and the warm Southwestern embrace of the Santa Fe Bed & Breakfast. It includes four private Multi-Incarnational Sessions with a Light Institute Facilitator and a LI Cranial.  Also, in the intimate environment of the space/time vortex of Galisteo, you will have conversations, meditations and classes with Chris Griscom, including a meditation and Knowings class with Chris in the high frequency of The Sanctuary of Light Meditation Sphere; the Knowings class will be followed by a world-renowned Light Institute Firewalk (weather permitting)--a powerful compliment to the multi-incarnational spiritual work you will be doing, and an opportunity to connect with the vast brilliance of a New Mexico night sky! The Light Institute has been offering our powerful, life-changing Intensives for over 25 years.  Thousands upon thousands of individuals from around the world have come to this special place on the planet to spiritually heal and expand their consciousness into new octaves of possibilities. Come join us and be part of the global transformation into new frequencies of light and consciousness.

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