LI Baltic Sea Intensive

BALTIC SEA, GERMANY:  MAY 24-29  Changing Relationship

      Baltic   BalticSea Land

On the small Island of Hiddensee--only bikes & carriages allowed, private cottages, long white sandy beach, just for you: Perfect place for a Human to Expand & Quicken the Genetic Frequency--perfect place for the Soul to Accelerate!!

Baltic Sea Water heiderose

In this peaceful environment, you will have chats with Chris Griscom twice daily, a 4-day set of private Multi-Incarnational Sessions with a Light Institute Facilitator on the theme of Changing Relationship, a Light Institute Cranial to enhance your Multi-Incarnational work, morning meditations by the sea, delicious vegetarian meals shared with Chris and the LI staff, and a charming, light-filled private cottage with kitchen and living area.

To guarantee a room and a space in this Intensive, it is necessary to sign up for this event as soon as possible.

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